A Dining Room Story…

Ahh I’m so excited to share with you guys again! I’ve got our new dining room 99% settled, but I’m still in need of a bench. I bought our dining table from World Market so I went searching there today and found one that would match perfectly! I’ll be pinching my pennies for a little bit to save up for it. 

This new dining room idea was a leap for me. I planned on keeping this as a living room, which is what it’s intended for, once the garage reno was complete. But then one day it hit me…why not scrap the living room idea and make this space into a huge comfy dining room! We already have a new family room in the “garage” portion of the house, there’s really no need for two! Plus our table can extend out to seat a small army and I would love to have it rockin’ that way all the time. 

So needless to say, my mind was turning over with questions for way longer than necessary. Would the house still flow okay? Would people walk in and see a living room with a dining table in it? Would they think I’m a little crazy (probably a yes anyway!)? I decided to throw caution to the wind and try it out and I’m super excited with the results! 
This is our living room prior to the renovations.


See how snug that dining table is? Every night the kids would eat dinner at the barstools while hubby and I sat side by side at the table. The two chairs by the window never got used because they were so hard to squeeze into. 

When you walked into our house from the backdoor you were greeted with a view of furniture. Large amounts of furniture. It felt very small and closed off. 

The view of our dining room is much more open and airy now! 

 I don’t know what it is about morning time, but I do not want to sit on a hard chair as I drink my coffee. So we added a cute little loveseat for some comfy relaxation on those early mornings! 

We opted to rip out the carpets and install the same flooring we used in the garage renovation. This flooring is amazing guys! Seriously. And it’s about $1.75 a square foot. You literally cannot beat that deal. https://m.samsclub.com/ip/driftwood-lam-flooring/prod20612365

As for the other items in this room. The little loveseat is from jossandmain.com. The table and chairs I actually bought about a year apart from two different stores (target and world market). I got super lucky they match so nicely! 

The rest of the decor pieces I’ve picked up here and there over the years. I collected the plates from antique stores. The hutch is from my sweet Momma who chalk painted it for me. I bought the buffet from a friend’s Mom, and her sweet Dad refinished it! I love having pieces of furniture that tell a story. 

My decor style is pretty simple and clean. And as a rule, I never buy decor unless I know exactly where I’m going to put it. I’ve passed up many pieces over the years because of it, but honestly I don’t enjoy bringing lots of stuff home and trying to find places for it. I’m not an interior designer but instead I call myself a decorator. I love to decorate and dream up rooms in my head. I love it even more when those dreams come to life! 

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