Garage Reveal Part 2!

Wow! So this post has been about two months in the making. My hubby took a much needed/wanted break from all things home related for a little bit. This past weekend we got into our daughters room to finish her closet barn door.

While we were making this door, we were talking about how much we enjoyed the wood working process. It’s funny how we put off something enjoyable just because it’s labeled a project or work!

Here’s a little reminder picture of our lovely garage beforehand.

Now for the “afters”…

From toddler years, our 10 year old daughter was never your typical girly girl. Sadly (for me), she never loved Disney princesses no matter how hard I tried to force it!  The color pink has always been her least favorite. So when she told me she wanted a navy and teal bedroom that’s beach themed, I thought it would fit her perfectly! I did however wonder how I would make it fit within our little farmhouse, decor wise. The compromise of styles came when I found her this gorgeous antique bed. It was more me than her but she loved the nautical feel it had. And hello…it’s gorgeous!  They knew how to make furniture back then.

The rest of the room were pieces we already owned, some of which I chalk painted to match the bed. She received a bunch of nautical decor for her birthday. And since this project took us 10 months to complete, we had plenty of time to search out the right bedding and curtains that pleased us both.

I loved working with her on this. She’s quite a little artist and has a great eye for colors. I wasn’t sure about her style in the beginning but now it’s one of my favorite rooms!

Disclaimer: Please excuse the pinned up skeleton. Today is Halloween. That is not her normal “style”.

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