New year, new bathroom..on the cheap!

Something about the new year got me itching to change things up a bit. I have a lot of plans but decided to start small and inexpensive with a bathroom facelift. This room is not only our kids/guest bathroom, it’s also our laundry room. When you first walk in, the laundry area is to the left and the vanity to the right.

This was the lovely laundry area. Within a week of moving in, we faux shiplapped the walls and built floating shelves. Making this space functional was priority #1 for me!

Also when we first moved in (Oct ’16) my Mom chalk painted the old, black vanity duck egg blue by Annie Sloan. Other than that, we didn’t touch this bathroom prior to the little refresher we finished last week!

We installed a new light fixture which replaced the dated frosted glass one. Our property had a very old lean-to behind the barn that fell over last spring. We saved all the old, weathered wood knowing we will use it one day for a project! We screwed the frame together then attached it to the mirror using construction adhesive. I just love the worn look of this wood.

It’s amazing what paint can do! The old paint color of the bathroom made the space look dirty and dated. I had some leftover Sherwin-Williams colonnade gray that I used that to repaint EVERYTHING. This little toilet closet looks MUCH better with a different light fixture and color scheme!

Ahhh last but not least is my FAVORITE DIY in this room. It’s hard to explain, but our bathroom/laundry room as one long, narrow space. And at the very end of the room is a door that leads to the outside. This nook is right next to that outside door. When we first moved in we thought they recessed this area to put a bench and use it for a miniature mud room. It’s only about 3.5′ wide by 2′ deep, so the space isn’t too functional. We ended up turning it into a laundry folding station! For the past year I’ve been folding clothes on top of our washer and dryer and using the towel hook to hang clothes on. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ It’s worked, but it hasn’t been the easiest! I’m excited to have a dedicated area to fold laundry. 😍 My hubby made the countertop and shelf out of old wood we found laying on our property. They were super easy to assemble. He made brackets out of the wood which he screwed into the studs. Then he laid two “counter top” length boards on top of the brackets and screwed them down. For the shelf above, he made the bracket a little larger knowing I wanted a rod to hang there. We bought a wood closet rod and attached it to each bracket before attached the shelf board to the top.

My goal was to have it be a very rustic looking, so he didn’t get fancy with the assembly. It’s easy to build and functional! I realllly wanted to faux shiplap the back wall. There just wasn’t enough time over the weekend to get it done so I went to target and bought this peel and stick shiplap wallpaper. It was super easy to install and best of all…I could do it myself while hubby was at work! It adds some cool texture and completed the space perfectly!

The entire bathroom/laundry room refresh cost us right around $160 (thanks to a lot of free wood we had laying around! πŸ™ŒπŸ») It was a great way to kick off the new year and update our space. πŸ€—

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