New State, New House, New Projects! Part 1: Bathroom

It’s been awhile. I’m not the best at blogging. I find myself drawn to the quick, video type posts of Instagram. But with all the changes lately, I’m determined to sit down and capture them here!

First off, we moved! And not just to a new city. We moved across the country. We now live in Tennessee and I have to say, we love it here. It’s warm, green, and so pretty!

When we were house hunting we fell in love with a specific little town. Well I’m not sure you can classify it as a town. It’s 3 churches and a post office. That’s it! The homes around here are a beautiful mixture of old and new. Everyone is on acreage. We have just over 5 acres but some of our neighbors have 90 acres or more! The house we found wasn’t my ideal house on the outside. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty. But it’s not the style I generally gravitate to. The inside had a great layout and so much potential!

I planned a budget to facelift the entire interior of this home. I’m hoping to share each room as we get them finished with a breakdown of where the money went. The budget isn’t very large for the scale of the work we plan to do. Let’s get started with one update #1- The upstairs full bathroom!

Besides being dark and dated, this little bathroom was just plain dirty.

The color made this room feel so small!
This room was painted a dark blue and have very yellow lighting

I set at budget for this bathroom at $500. I knew it needed paint, both on the walls and vanity. Since we planned to paint the entire interior of the house, I made a separate budget line for ALL paint, which is why you won’t see that on the price list.

Here’s a breakdown of where it all went:

  • $273.30 Vanity Lights and other lighting
  • $127.43 Faucets and Curved Shower Rod
  • $74.00 Rugs and Hand Towels
  • $19 Trash Can
  • $11 Soap Pumps

All for a grand total of $504.73! So alright, I’m almost 5 bucks over budget but I’m pretty thrilled with the results!

My goal for this house was to incorporate a more coastal feel. I love the airy blues and greens you see with that style. I also happen to LOVE the beach, so it just makes me happy!

Here she is in all her glory! I started by painting the walls and trim Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. I also painted the vanity and mirrors Contented by Sherwin. I love the sweet little lampshades on the vanity lights.

My daughter picked out the faucets. She did a pretty good job!

Thankfully I already had the decor, so I didn’t have to spend anything to decorate.

The little shower closet feels so much bigger now with the bright paint and shower curtain!

All in all, I’m THRILLED with how this space came out. I had really hoped to tile behind the mirrors with a beautiful sea glass mosaic that I found. I still have plans to do that down the road, but for now this little facelift has done a great job!

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