A Bedroom Retreat, DIY style!

Our house is only 14 years old, but it felt more like it was built in the late 90s. We have one of those really old intercom systems that go from room to room. Secretly, I love it! It reminds me of my childhood. What I don’t love is how the fixtures and color choices had dated the house. Our master bedroom was a prime example of that. It has an amazing double tray ceiling, and an adjoining sitting room. It also gets beautiful light from the windows and French doors that lead to the deck. The finishing touches that were chosen really minimized the natural beauty of the room. The first thing we did was paint! Boy, it needed a lot of paint!

The green color really hid the extensive crown molding and trim work.

By painting the walls and trim a bright color, the details really have a chance to shine!


The ceiling fan also felt very heavy for this space. The green color on the tray ceiling brought the ceiling height down instead of lifting it up.

A new coastal inspired chandelier gave the space a fun whimsical feel that I love. We painted the walls Natural Choice and the trim Alabaster. Both of those colors are by Sherwin. The ceilings feel SO much higher now!

The last thing we did in here was to rip out all of the carpets. My husband has become quite adept at laying laminate flooring. He finished this giant room in a matter of hours! There was nothing wrong with the carpet choice except it was very dirty and in bad condition. I also feel like it absorbed a lot color, making the room feel a bit darker.

Because we were budget conscious with this whole house reno, we really couldn’t be too picky with our flooring. I’ve gotta say, I love what we found! It’s super easy to install and gives the feel of real hardwood flooring. Because it’s a tight fit, the joint seams are not visible. The flooring is from home depot . (I linked it here for you to check out) It cost $1.99 a square foot, and has an attached underlayment backer! The price is almost unbeatable for this quality.

I added a little bit of farmhouse Colorado in our sitting room…literally! The wood on either side of the french doors back here are actually old garage door panels! They were taken off a 1900s era farmhouse from the Eastern plains of Colorado. I love that I could bring a piece of history with us to Tennessee.

This bed is another fun story. When we were still living in Colorado I found it only Facebook marketplace for $100. At that time, I knew we were moving and would eventually have a king size mattress, so I was on the hunt for a new bed. What I didn’t realize was the bed we were about to buy was 7 FEET tall! I kid you not. The headboard stood an imposing 7 feet tall. Ironically it broke on the way home and the height we were left with was perfect! A little bit of DIY fixing and chalk paint later, we have a pretty amazing (and huge!) solid piece of furniture for very cheap!

My vision for this space was a room that felt both bright and calming. When I wake up in the morning, it makes me smile! With only paint, 2 light fixtures and flooring we were able to accomplish it all! It truly is a retreat that went from out of date to modern day.

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