Top 4 Beauty Counter Makeup Picks

 Remember how I signed up to be a Beauty Counter consultant so I could get 25% off all my orders? Well, I forgot to mention that the very first purchase you make after signing up, you get a whopping 30% off your total. Soo I went a little nutty! I figured for 30% off, I might as well stock up right? That’s where the Flawless in Five comes into play. It’s a bundle of all your basic daily makeup needs (Foundation, Concealer, Eyebrow Gel/ Pencil, Blush, Mascara and Lip Gloss) . What’s really cool is once you pick your first shade, it gives you recommended color selections for the rest of your bundle. That ensures everything your buying within the bundle will blend together nicely.

Let’s talk foundation. I have VERY oily skin and living in a humid climate can be a challenge. Matter of fact, upon moving to Tennessee, I’ve had to adjust most of my makeup items. Heat and Humidity can really affect a girl! This foundation sits nicely throughout the day and doesn’t separate at all. A little goes a long way too, which I love. Hello money savings! I won’t be buying another bottle for a very long time!  I find that one pump is perfect for a light coverage on my entire face. You can see your skin’s texture through the makeup as well! That’s very important to me. I hate feeling like I’m wearing a mask of makeup.

Concealer, a girls best friend, especially when you have dark, DARK eye circles as I do! Before using this concealer, I used Tarte Shape Tape. I really liked the coverage of it, but one too many times I caught a glance of myself in the mirror and was frightened. Instead of dark circles, I saw glowing white orbs around my eyes! I kid, I kid.. but seriously, that stuff was thick and intense! I’ve found the Beauty Counter concealer gives you a much more natural look. The coverage is still excellent and the staying power is great! There’s nothing I can complain about with this one.

Okay, my last two picks- Blush and Lip Gloss! I’m a blush girl, I LOVE it! If I’m not wearing it, I feel naked. Maybe that’s the result of having pale, almost translucent skin? Either way, a rosy cheek is a must for me! Prior to Beauty Counter I was using a cream blush that was intense and amazing! But it was full of toxins and other things I’m trying to avoid. I knew going with a less toxic makeup would be a challenge for certain things but, I was determined to try it out! I’m happy to say, I really do love the Beauty Counter blush. It’s very saturated, goes on smooth and is not chalky. But more importantly, it lasts all day. Do you see a theme yet? This makeup STAYS in place, that’s a rarity in the makeup world!

Now lip gloss is opposite of blush for me. I used to forget to do anything with my lips most days. With that in mind, I appreciate a quick gloss that adds a bit of color. I cannot stand super thick, sticky gloss. Yuck! I was a bit nervous I would dislike this one. And I’m not gonna lie, it is sticky, but it doesn’t stick to things. Does that make any sense? It goes on sticky, but if you were to smooch a sheet of paper (I don’t know why you would do this, but it’s the best example I can muster), the paper wouldn’t stick to your lips. I’ve worn it daily for several months now and I like it!

If you were paying attention, you might notice I didn’t share the last two items I got in my bundle. That’s partly because I’m a snob. A mascara snob. I’ve found the best mascara in existence and it would be near impossible to make me budge from it. It also comes from a “cleaner” line of makeup, so I don’t feel too guilty about sticking with it. That being said, the Beauty Counter mascara is perfectly good. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I wouldn’t be honest if I told you that I use it regularly. Now my daughter on the other hand, loves it! Matter of fact, it currently resides up in her makeup vanity. It is a very lightweight mascara, perfect for a barely there look. My daughter is only 14 and her goal is to look like she’s not wearing makeup. The Beauty Counter mascara delivers on that! I on the other hand prefer more of a spidery leg look (attractive, I know) to my lashes, so I need mascara with a bit more spunk!

I also didn’t share the eyebrow gel. Now I actually love the eyebrow gel, it works awesome! Or should I say, it will work awesome ones my microbladed eyebrows fade a bit. I got them done almost 2 years ago, so right now I’m missing half a brow on one side and the entire brow on the other!  Making my eyebrows look remotely normal is hard, and takes many different products. I will be using the gel on a regular basis once I’m able to!



As always, let me know if you have any questions! I hope you try these products (or gift them to someone!) and love them as much as I do!


Skin Twin Foundation Color -Light 210/ Skin Twin Creamy Concealer Color- Light 1/ Satin Powder Blush Color -Melon/ Beyond Gloss Color -Peony

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