Our Stealth Semi Inground Pool Story- Post 2



Guess what? Our concrete is installed! The super-duper cheap concrete man came through and did a beautiful job!

We had a sidewalk poured to connect to the old sidewalk next to the house to the new pool patio.

The part of the pool that is “in ground” has concrete all around it. They were able to pour right up to the paver edging we installed. I never dreamed we would have a patio level with the pool. I thought for sure there would be a step of some type because the pool would be above ground a bit. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out!

Can you believe they were able to come this close to the water and not get one speck of concrete in the pool? I was worried about that but they were careful!

The pool is installed on a fairly good size hill. One side of the pool is completely inground and the other side sticks above ground about 3 feet. Taking that into account, they sloped the concrete so that it drains away from the pool. It looks a little bit strange in real life, but given the amount of the hill we are on, it was necessary to keep the pool mud and rain water free! Behind the patio (to the right in this photo) we are going to install a brick retaining wall. The dirt area between the retaining wall and fence will be my flower garden. I plan on having a ton of tropical plants!

So what project is up next? Well here’s a little sneak peek! Initially we were going to use some of our cedar to plank the above ground sides of the pool. But we have had a change of heart. The concrete turned out so nice and honestly, its all a bit fancier then we anticipated. So we decided to embrace that and rock the exposed sides of the pool instead. We bought a few pallets of this stone from Home Depot. It’s the same stone that we used around the edging that I showed you in the last blog. I think it will make a beautiful impact! Installing this wall should be pretty easy. We plan on getting it done within a day or two. I’m going to document that process for my next post.

If you have any questions on the semi in ground pool or the process of our backyard reno, shoot me a comment!



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