Our Stealth Semi Inground Pool Story- Post 4

We were so busy enjoying our pool this summer I didn’t get around to showing you the area now that its completely finished. It was such a fun summer! Relaxing in the pool, surrounded by beautiful plants, left me feeling a bit like I’m in Florida instead of Tennessee. Sitting here on a cold January night makes me long for those days. I guess there isn’t a better time to reminisce about it then right now. So here we go!

Welcome to our pool!

To save money on fencing we ended up buying two huge bundles of raw cedar. We hand planed every single piece. This fence was my husband’s design. We incorporated cedar, cattle panel, and 4″ round fence posts. For the amount of fencing we installed, I can’t imagine being able to do it cheaper then this! It was a TON of work processing each piece of cedar by hand, but I think it will weather nicely and last a long time!

Here’s another look at all the fencing! We wanted to fence enough area to have three raised planter beds in the rocks, a fire pit and maybe one day a little pergola area.

Another thing we used that raw cedar for was to build this cute little pump house.

We wanted to make sure our pump and other equipment was out of the weather so it could last as long as possible.


Also from a design perspective, I really didn’t love the look of those big pumps out in the open. An added bonus, I have one more space to decorate!

My goal for this space was for it to be a tropical retreat.

A space where we could entertain, and feel like we were on vacation. Our natural environment, while beautiful, doesn’t lend itself to a tropical feel. So we did A LOT of landscaping.

We added big planters to hold our banana and palm trees.

I found all our outdoor furniture second hand on Facebook Marketplace! I could hardly believe my luck that all the pieces match even though they were bought at different times and from different people! I added the striped cushions from Walmart to pull everything together.

The stone we installed around the sides of the pool is holding up well!

Thank you for being patient and following along with this journey. From beginning to end this project took us about 6 months. We did everything ourselves with exception of the pool installation and the concrete. I’m still so thrilled that my dreams of having our very own pool came true!



10 thoughts on “Our Stealth Semi Inground Pool Story- Post 4

  • We put in a Stealth pool last year and wish we would have seen your project before we finished ours!!! Y’all did such a great job! When you added the stone to the top of the edge of the pool (metal), did the adhesive work well?

  • What area of Tennessee are you in? We actually just had a 30′ stealth installed a week ago (about an hour north of Memphis) and I stumbled across your blog and love what you did. We are on a slope and replaced an old above ground with the stealth, and now I need to dress it up. Thanks for the inspiration! Good job!!

  • Hi there, I am considering a stealth pool for my home in Brentwood, TN. Did you purchase through Pool & Spa Depot? I am worried about rock in our yard, too. Would you be willing to share the final cost for the pool, concrete and stone (basically everything except the plants)? We have a small sloped yard and I’m not willing to pay for an inground pool, but I think this could be a good solution, but I need a budget estimate to get my hubby on board 🙂

    • We did use pool and spa depot. I don’t know exact figures but it’s close to 20k. Much pricier then we were expecting because of the rock. Paying to dig that out then paying to have it removed with all the dirt pool and spa depot left behind was around 5k.

  • May I ask with whom you contracted? I’m in Memphis and not finding any stealth type pools, only above ground pools they will bury halfway. I don’t like the way those look. Thanks!

    • Hi there! This is a pool type of that is buried halfway. We have a sloped yard so one side is underground. If our yard was flat, the pool would be out of ground around 2-3 feet. Pool and spa depot is who installed it.

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