Our Stealth Semi Inground Pool Story- Post 4

We were so busy enjoying our pool this summer I didn’t get around to showing you the area now that its completely finished. It was such a fun summer! Relaxing in the pool, surrounded by beautiful plants, left me feeling a bit like I’m in Florida instead of Tennessee. Sitting here on a cold January night makes me long for those days. I guess there isn’t a better time to reminisce about it then right now. So here we go!

Welcome to our pool!

To save money on fencing we ended up buying two huge bundles of raw cedar. We hand planed every single piece. This fence was my husband’s design. We incorporated cedar, cattle panel, and 4″ round fence posts. For the amount of fencing we installed, I can’t imagine being able to do it cheaper then this! It was a TON of work processing each piece of cedar by hand, but I think it will weather nicely and last a long time!

Here’s another look at all the fencing! We wanted to fence enough area to have three raised planter beds in the rocks, a fire pit and maybe one day a little pergola area.

Another thing we used that raw cedar for was to build this cute little pump house.

We wanted to make sure our pump and other equipment was out of the weather so it could last as long as possible.


Also from a design perspective, I really didn’t love the look of those big pumps out in the open. An added bonus, I have one more space to decorate!

My goal for this space was for it to be a tropical retreat.

A space where we could entertain, and feel like we were on vacation. Our natural environment, while beautiful, doesn’t lend itself to a tropical feel. So we did A LOT of landscaping.

We added big planters to hold our banana and palm trees.

I found all our outdoor furniture second hand on Facebook Marketplace! I could hardly believe my luck that all the pieces match even though they were bought at different times and from different people! I added the striped cushions from Walmart to pull everything together.

The stone we installed around the sides of the pool is holding up well!

Thank you for being patient and following along with this journey. From beginning to end this project took us about 6 months. We did everything ourselves with exception of the pool installation and the concrete. I’m still so thrilled that my dreams of having our very own pool came true!



Lime Washing Grout!

Hi All! I have a super simple and cheap DIY to share with you! If you go back through my blog posts, about 4 years ago I lime washed the exterior of our brick ranch style house in Colorado. Back when I tackled that project, there was next to no information online about how to do it. I was searching and only finding tutorials on lime washing headstones at ancient graveyards. Then fate intervened! A new lady at church and I got to chatting and she told me how she lime washed her brick house! That’s all I needed. One person who successfully lime washed on brick!

Fast forward many years later, we now live in Tennessee and happen to have a VERY tall brick house! Unlike Colorado, our brick here is gorgeous. It’s super distressed and has many different colors woven together. I’ve been on the fence about lime washing it. While I think brightening it up would look amazing, I wasn’t sure. We happen to have the same exterior brick inside on our fireplace. The other day I saw a lady on Instagram use that fancy lime wash paint to brighten up the grout lines on her fireplace. That’s when ideas started sparking! I didn’t need to cover up the beautiful brick, but that icky brown grout has got to go!

You guys know by now that I’m CHEAP. I lime washed our ENTIRE house in Colorado for about $20. So there’s no way in the world I’m spending over $30 for one quart of pre mix lime wash. And guess what?! You don’t need to spend that much either! All you need is Hydrated Type S Lime and water. If you want to color your lime wash a bit, you can dye your water using coffee grounds or tea leaves prior to mixing in the lime! Ideally, you want to add enough water so it’s the consistency of thin pancake batter. By the way, this bag cost me $6 and I used about 1/2 cup out of it!



Can you believe the difference it makes? Lime wash is such a great alternative to paint. It works on all porous materials and allows the material to breath underneath. It won’t peel or flake off. The one caution is, it turns semi transparent when wet. Once it dries, it will be opaque again.


I used a small brush to paint the lime wash on the grout lines. It only needed one coat. At first it looks like skim milk! Not bright at all. As it dries it turns brighter and brighter. I also used a small stiff bristled brush to distress the bricks in areas where the lime wash got too thick. That’s the other AWESOME thing about lime wash. You can take as much off as you want! On our house in Colorado, I used a wire wheel attached to a drill to almost completely remove the lime wash on bricks as I went. The final look was beautiful!


We are a little unsure if we will lime wash the grout on the outside yet. We really love this look, it made a HUGE impact but our house is also huge. It would be a massive undertaking to lime wash all those grout lines!


The first thing we plan on doing to the exterior is adding wood shutters and a new front door. I also bought big exterior lantern lights last summer which we have never installed. So that will be a quick spruce up. Prior to us living here, this house was neglected for a long time. We have completely renovated the interior, but the exterior hasn’t gotten much love yet.


Once I was done with the grout, I realized that we need to do some work above the mantle area. I’ve convinced Curt to build me a little “tv box” with hinged bifold shutters. We can close it up and will look like a pretty cabinet when we aren’t watching TV.

Let me know if you have any lime washing questions. I would be happy to help however I can!


Our Stealth Semi Inground Pool Story- Post 3

This has been a fun week for us! I would say the progress of the pool itself is about 90% complete and I can’t wait to show you what we did! Originally we planned on saving money and trying to install chunks of cedar (Somehow?? We never did get around to figuring out how it would actually work) around the exterior of the pool to hide the metal sides. After the concrete was completed, we quickly ditched that idea! Instead we headed to Home Depot and bought a few pallets of stone. Building a stone wall around the exterior was so much easier to wrap our minds around. The cost was actually not as terrible as I feared it would be.


Directly opposite of this picture is the concrete patio. This side is obviously a lot higher! It’s actually buried probably close to 18 inches, with 36 inches sticking above ground. Our situation is a little unique because of the slope of the hill we installed on. Typically with semi inground pools, the entire pool would be above ground close to the same height. So that leads me to our stone wall! (Did I call it a brick wall in the last post? Ahh I can’t remember!) We had quite the span of metal that needed covering. Curt’s first step was to install horse panel wire that we had leftover from our fence project to the sides of the pool using zip ties…nothing fancy here! The wall we built is floating, so it doesn’t touch the pool at all! The metal served only as a stable backing when we began stacking the stones upon each other.


Curt and I kept commenting on how INSANELY easy this project was! It was like building with heavy, life size toy blocks! Once we decided on a pattern, we used Quikcrete commercial grade construction adhesive to glue all of the stones together. Stacking one stone on top of another stone until we reached the top row. Seriously, that’s it! Like I said, the stones don’t touch the pool at all. We simply built a little wall in front of the pool’s sides.

While we were planning the pattern, we had to keep in mind the top metal ring of the pool needed to be covered as well. We found the height to work perfectly if we laid the smaller bricks sideways on top of the larger blocks. Do you guys remember the patio side of the pool where we laid the bricks on the metal ring in a linear fashion all the way around? Well, since the stone wall sticks out farther from the pool sides, we simply turned the bricks 90 degrees and we able to connect the top metal ring to the stone wall seamlessly. So half the pool’s “ring” is covered with bricks lined up front to back, and the other half has bricks lined up side by side. I don’t mind the transition between the two at all.

You can see the transition in the top bricks a little bit in this photo. You can also see the differing heights from the concrete to the gravel! It’s quite a drop.

And here she is all stoned up and looking fine! I’m so happy we went this route. It was the pricier option, but I think the longevity of the stone will be worth it.



So what’s next you ask? Well, next we are building retaining walls…LOTS of them! The entire exterior edge of this patio will have a retaining wall. To save on supplies, we are using cinderblocks to build the wall. On top of the cinder blocks we will use the same stone to “cap” them off in the pattern above. I think it will be a nice balance between cost and beauty!



Our Stealth Semi Inground Pool Story- Post 2



Guess what? Our concrete is installed! The super-duper cheap concrete man came through and did a beautiful job!

We had a sidewalk poured to connect to the old sidewalk next to the house to the new pool patio.

The part of the pool that is “in ground” has concrete all around it. They were able to pour right up to the paver edging we installed. I never dreamed we would have a patio level with the pool. I thought for sure there would be a step of some type because the pool would be above ground a bit. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out!

Can you believe they were able to come this close to the water and not get one speck of concrete in the pool? I was worried about that but they were careful!

The pool is installed on a fairly good size hill. One side of the pool is completely inground and the other side sticks above ground about 3 feet. Taking that into account, they sloped the concrete so that it drains away from the pool. It looks a little bit strange in real life, but given the amount of the hill we are on, it was necessary to keep the pool mud and rain water free! Behind the patio (to the right in this photo) we are going to install a brick retaining wall. The dirt area between the retaining wall and fence will be my flower garden. I plan on having a ton of tropical plants!

So what project is up next? Well here’s a little sneak peek! Initially we were going to use some of our cedar to plank the above ground sides of the pool. But we have had a change of heart. The concrete turned out so nice and honestly, its all a bit fancier then we anticipated. So we decided to embrace that and rock the exposed sides of the pool instead. We bought a few pallets of this stone from Home Depot. It’s the same stone that we used around the edging that I showed you in the last blog. I think it will make a beautiful impact! Installing this wall should be pretty easy. We plan on getting it done within a day or two. I’m going to document that process for my next post.

If you have any questions on the semi in ground pool or the process of our backyard reno, shoot me a comment!



Our Stealth Semi Inground Pool Story- Post 1

Hi Friends! I haven’t been the best about updating my blog lately. As always, I am aiming to change that! I want to do a series on our semi inground pool that we had installed this past September.

Have you guys ever heard of these? They are pretty neat! We looked into having a fully inground- real deal- pool installed but that price point was WAY beyond our budget. I began looking around at local pool businesses and found the semi inground option. They are a bit pricier then an above ground pool. But they could be fully buried inground if you so choose (or if your landscape allows it). So we settled on a 24 foot round that is 54 inches deep. They had other fun shapes like kidney bean or oval, but round was the cheapest, so we went that route. Are you sensing a pattern here? We were wanting a tropical backyard oasis that didn’t break the bank!

After waiting several months it was finally install day! Which quickly turned into a nightmare. As it turned out, our pool company has quite a sneaky way of making extra money. We paid to have the pool as deep as it could go, but they hit rock. The mother load of blue limestone! The pool company doesn’t dig out rock unless you have DEEP pockets…I mean DEEP. So we hired a local county man to come break up the rock for us. He was very kind and didn’t charge nearly as much as the pool company wanted! After several more costly hiccups, and a few weeks, we finally had the pool installed! Since then we have busy working on a massive fence project around the pool, installing tons of crushed rock, making ONE cedar planter box (5 more are to come!).

Tomorrow we are scheduled to get a big concrete patio poured around the pool. We had several quotes ranging anywhere from 5-6k, but the man we went with is less then half that. We took a chance on him… next time I pop on here I’ll tell you how it went. Ha! I’m hopeful he will do an amazing job!

All that back story brings me to today. We needed to do a small project on the pool before the patio could be poured. You know how above ground pools come with that plastic ring around the top?


With semi in ground pools, this ring can come right off and be replaced with stone! Visually, it makes the pool more like an inground one. This little project couldn’t be easier. You just pop the little plastic screw covers off and remove all the screws. The large plastic ring will lift off, one section at a time.

I’ve had several people wonder about how a semi inground pool actually works. It’s basically a metal shell and a thick, plastic liner. Believe it or not, this is actually a very popular way to do fully inground pools as well! Of course those are a bit deeper, but the process is the same. The liner is the only thing that will need maintained. It should last at least 10 years before it needs to be changed. The liner is stretched up and sits under the thin metal ring, so you can add stone right up to that ring without disturbing anything.


This is what it looks like under the plastic ring. We are going to lay our stone down right on top of that outside metal so we added a little liquid nails to secure them.


What a difference right? And there is literally no construction involved. You simply take the ring off, and glue the stones down! All the rock to the left in these photos will be concrete tomorrow. The concrete will come right up to the very edge, level with the stone.

I’m so excited to get the patio poured tomorrow! It’s really going to kick start us into finishing this big outdoor project.

Easy English Toffee, Perfect for the Holidays!

Are you stuck needing a last minute gift or treat idea? Or maybe you’re like me, this holiday season went WAY too fast so you’re wanting to squeeze in a few more festive and yummy treats. Whatever the reasoning, this recipe surely won’t disappoint!

The first thing you want to do is prep a large surface area. I laid out two large pieces of wax paper on my counter top, overlapping them several inches. You can lay the wax paper on a cookie sheet if that works better for you.

Next you add the butter, sugars and salt into a pot and let it boil. Don’t forget to stir it…a lot. Once it reaches 290 degrees, it’s done! I have a gas stove that likes to burn my hands it’s so hot. It didn’t take very long for my toffee to be done. Maybe 7 minutes or so.

Once it reaches 290 degrees you will notice your toffee will start to turn…well the color of toffee! A nice, dark nutty brown. Now before you do anything else, add a little bit of vanilla. You will be glad you did! Then you can pour the toffee out onto the wax paper. I slowly move the pan from right to left while pouring trying to spread the toffee out as evenly as possible. You want to keep it about 1/4 inch thick. Be careful as you pour, this stuff is HOT!

Next sprinkle your chocolate chips evenly over the hot toffee. Wait a few minutes for them to melt, then spread out the chocolate evenly. If you’re using nuts, sprinkle them on too! This recipe is SO customizable. You can use a lot of chocolate or none at all. You can use white chocolate and sprinkle it with almonds (my personal favorite), or dark chocolate and pecans! The sky is the limit!



The next part is my favorite. I feel like a professional candy maker. Once the toffee is cooled and the chocolate hardened, you can break the toffee into chunks. Yup, it sounds as easy as it is. Pick up the toffee and drop it. Now don’t go crazy dropping it for any sort of height, a few inches will do. It will break apart into perfectly delicious pieces!

Let me know if you try this recipe! I think you will love it. One other thing I forgot to add. This recipe doesn’t make a ton of toffee. Just enough for a small family to enjoy. If you’re wanting to make more, the recipe can easily be doubled or tripled. I try to make only enough for us to eat in a day or two. It can be rather addictive!



Easy English Toffee

A perfect treat for the holidays!
Course Dessert
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Servings 6
Author Babbfarmlife


  • 1 cup Butter
  • 1/2 cup Light Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • 1/2 cup Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • 1/2 cup Toasted Almonds optional


  • Prep counter top or sheet pan with wax paper.
  • Combine butter, both sugars and salt in a saucepan.
  • Stirring constantly, let mixture come to a steady boil. Continue to cook until it reaches 290 degrees and turns a nutty brown color.
  • Take mixture off heat and add vanilla.
  • Pour toffee onto your wax papered surface area moving pan back and forth while pouring to form rectangular shape. The toffee should be approximately 1/4 inch thick.
  • Cover hot toffee evenly with chocolate chips.
  • After a few minutes, use a spatula to spread melted chocolate chips evenly over toffee. If using almonds, sprinkle them over chocolate.
  • Once toffee is cooled and chocolate has hardened, break toffee into pieces.
  • Store in airtight container and enjoy!

A 2020 Epiphany…

I thought I would write an end of the year post about my thoughts on 2020. More then anything, this post will be something interesting I can look back on in a few years. So bear with me as I use this blog for a personal journal.

Where to begin! This year has taught me so much. It’s taught me things I didn’t think I needed to learn. Isn’t it interesting how God works? I’m convinced if you’re willing to see, He’s always standing by ready to challenge you and your ideas.

The biggest one for me so far has been the fact that I can’t trust anyone but Him. Now hear me out, I CAN trust my husband (and I do!). I also trust my parents and my siblings. That’s not the type of trust I’m referring to. The (mis)trust I’m feeling deep inside comes from other Christians I’ve looked up to. (If you’re a Christian whom I know in real life, please don’t think I’m talking about you! Hehe) The Christian leaders who have taught me so much over the years. In 2020, they have proved they’re human. Gasp, I know! I’ve been so disappointed by things that have been said, or more importantly things that haven’t been said. I’ve been so disappointed by a lack of unity within the body of Christ. Not just a fracture, but a Grand Canyon size hole within the body. It hurts my head even as I type this. I often wonder if I’m too worried about things?

Then it hit me this morning. This is good. It’s great even and totally necessary. I know the one I can trust. His name is Jesus. He guides and directs me. His spirit speaks to me when I’m wrong and convicts my heart. When I have no clue what’s going on, I turn to Him for discernment and wait for answers.

This year I’ve dug into the Bible more then I have in my entire life. I won’t pretend to know everything- but I do know this, I can trust His word. I don’t need the ones I’ve been looking to for understanding. Their role in my life has served a great purpose! Now I’m convicted that I need to seek biblical truth and pray for insight, all on my own. An article or post is no longer necessary to give that insight to me. I believe the Lord will be faithful to supply that through reading, prayer and His spirit speaking to my heart.

Now hear me out, I’m not turning away from preaching and teaching. At all! It’s more that preaching and teaching is now secondary to my own scripture study and prayer. It’s easier to weed out truth from fiction if we KNOW the truth. I used to worry I didn’t know enough, so I felt the need to read other peoples interpretations and opinions. Now it’s starting to turn the other way around. My knowledge is increasing, therefore I’m reading other people’s interpretation and opinions with fresh eyes. Let me tell you, it can be disappointing. It can also be refreshing when you find those who plainly speak biblical truth, devoid of frills and unconcerned about consequence.

So that is my deep 2020 thoughts in a nutshell. It’s been a roller coaster for us all. But I’m prayerfully expectant that the Lord is moving in more then just my life. He’s revealing himself to others and we are getting back to basics. A relationship with Him where no storm will rock our boat.

Top 4 Beauty Counter Makeup Picks

 Remember how I signed up to be a Beauty Counter consultant so I could get 25% off all my orders? Well, I forgot to mention that the very first purchase you make after signing up, you get a whopping 30% off your total. Soo I went a little nutty! I figured for 30% off, I might as well stock up right? That’s where the Flawless in Five comes into play. It’s a bundle of all your basic daily makeup needs (Foundation, Concealer, Eyebrow Gel/ Pencil, Blush, Mascara and Lip Gloss) . What’s really cool is once you pick your first shade, it gives you recommended color selections for the rest of your bundle. That ensures everything your buying within the bundle will blend together nicely.

Let’s talk foundation. I have VERY oily skin and living in a humid climate can be a challenge. Matter of fact, upon moving to Tennessee, I’ve had to adjust most of my makeup items. Heat and Humidity can really affect a girl! This foundation sits nicely throughout the day and doesn’t separate at all. A little goes a long way too, which I love. Hello money savings! I won’t be buying another bottle for a very long time!  I find that one pump is perfect for a light coverage on my entire face. You can see your skin’s texture through the makeup as well! That’s very important to me. I hate feeling like I’m wearing a mask of makeup.

Concealer, a girls best friend, especially when you have dark, DARK eye circles as I do! Before using this concealer, I used Tarte Shape Tape. I really liked the coverage of it, but one too many times I caught a glance of myself in the mirror and was frightened. Instead of dark circles, I saw glowing white orbs around my eyes! I kid, I kid.. but seriously, that stuff was thick and intense! I’ve found the Beauty Counter concealer gives you a much more natural look. The coverage is still excellent and the staying power is great! There’s nothing I can complain about with this one.

Okay, my last two picks- Blush and Lip Gloss! I’m a blush girl, I LOVE it! If I’m not wearing it, I feel naked. Maybe that’s the result of having pale, almost translucent skin? Either way, a rosy cheek is a must for me! Prior to Beauty Counter I was using a cream blush that was intense and amazing! But it was full of toxins and other things I’m trying to avoid. I knew going with a less toxic makeup would be a challenge for certain things but, I was determined to try it out! I’m happy to say, I really do love the Beauty Counter blush. It’s very saturated, goes on smooth and is not chalky. But more importantly, it lasts all day. Do you see a theme yet? This makeup STAYS in place, that’s a rarity in the makeup world!

Now lip gloss is opposite of blush for me. I used to forget to do anything with my lips most days. With that in mind, I appreciate a quick gloss that adds a bit of color. I cannot stand super thick, sticky gloss. Yuck! I was a bit nervous I would dislike this one. And I’m not gonna lie, it is sticky, but it doesn’t stick to things. Does that make any sense? It goes on sticky, but if you were to smooch a sheet of paper (I don’t know why you would do this, but it’s the best example I can muster), the paper wouldn’t stick to your lips. I’ve worn it daily for several months now and I like it!

If you were paying attention, you might notice I didn’t share the last two items I got in my bundle. That’s partly because I’m a snob. A mascara snob. I’ve found the best mascara in existence and it would be near impossible to make me budge from it. It also comes from a “cleaner” line of makeup, so I don’t feel too guilty about sticking with it. That being said, the Beauty Counter mascara is perfectly good. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I wouldn’t be honest if I told you that I use it regularly. Now my daughter on the other hand, loves it! Matter of fact, it currently resides up in her makeup vanity. It is a very lightweight mascara, perfect for a barely there look. My daughter is only 14 and her goal is to look like she’s not wearing makeup. The Beauty Counter mascara delivers on that! I on the other hand prefer more of a spidery leg look (attractive, I know) to my lashes, so I need mascara with a bit more spunk!

I also didn’t share the eyebrow gel. Now I actually love the eyebrow gel, it works awesome! Or should I say, it will work awesome ones my microbladed eyebrows fade a bit. I got them done almost 2 years ago, so right now I’m missing half a brow on one side and the entire brow on the other!  Making my eyebrows look remotely normal is hard, and takes many different products. I will be using the gel on a regular basis once I’m able to!



As always, let me know if you have any questions! I hope you try these products (or gift them to someone!) and love them as much as I do!


Skin Twin Foundation Color -Light 210/ Skin Twin Creamy Concealer Color- Light 1/ Satin Powder Blush Color -Melon/ Beyond Gloss Color -Peony

My Journey with Beauty Counter

A few months back I decided to start researching healthier alternatives for the makeup and skincare products I was using. I’m a BIG fan of makeup. I wear it daily. I also have a skin care regime that I have done for years. It involved many, many harsh chemicals. My skin isn’t the best. I have break outs quite frequently and these chemicals seemed to be the only thing that kept my skin clear.

I’ve jumped on nearly every “crunchy” wagon in years past. I’ve bought only organic foods, used essential oils to help with everything under the sun, worn only natural deodorant, bought pricey natural toothpaste, even cut sugar out of my diet completely for 8 months! Natural has always been important to me. Slathering chemicals on my face to keep my skin clear is just silly! I knew there had to be a better way.

That’s when I found Beauty Counter. Not only does it offer safe skin care, they also have makeup! I’ve been trying out a handful of things for months now and I want to share it with you guys!

When placing my first order I decided to pay the $50 yearly membership fee to join Beauty Counter. Honestly, the only reason I did was to receive a 25% discount on everything I buy. I love a good deal! Now that I’ve been using it for awhile and loving it, I’m attempting to take that membership and turn it into a side hustle. (Don’t worry!  Home décor and recipes will be my main blogging focus. This is just a fun side project for me) Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve tried this before many, many years ago. NOT with Beauty Counter but with another company. And it didn’t work. The reason it didn’t work was while I LOVE makeup, I didn’t love their makeup. So I tested Beauty Counter. I’ve used it for months. Instead of switching back to my old products, I’ve been buying more. I’m VERY picky about what I recommend, because I’m a VERY picky person. If I like it, then there’s a high likelihood you will as well. I also won’t recommend anything I don’t love. There are a few makeup items that missed the mark for me, and I plan on telling you all about that as well!

Let’s start at the beginning and my biggest problem area, skincare.

The first thing I started with was a good cleanser. This is called Clear Pore Cleanser. It’s a bit gritty, so it’s has a very light exfoliating affect but gentle enough to be used daily. I also bought the CounterControl All Over Acne Treatment. This stuff is awesome! It contains salicylic acid which helps to keep my skin clear. It’s a very light weight, non greasy formula. I use it twice and day and have noticed an improvement in my skin over the past few months.



For fun I also picked up this All Bright C Serum. I’ve heard that Vitamin C serum is very good for your skin. It helps to lighten dark/age spots. So I figured, why not? I’ll try it! So far I haven’t noticed too many differences with it other then my skin feeling a bit firmer. The last thing I picked up is the Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion. Now this stuff I love! It’s very lightweight, not oily, and sinks into the skin within minutes.

This is getting a little long so I’ll post about the 4 makeup items that I’ve really been loving in the next blog. My skin clarity has been the same, if not better, since switching to these more natural products. And that’s saying something! I’ve tried switching away from the harsh chemical lineup I was using prior, and nothing has worked until now.

 For Black Friday, everything on the site is 15% off! I’ll pop my website link in here one more time and if you have any questions, just ask!

Clean Beauty | Safer Skin Care | Beautycounter


Adding a Coastal Feel, A Demo-less Laundry Room Renovation!

I am SO excited to share this easy demo-LESS laundry room renovation with you guys! Our laundry room had a great layout. Its small but mighty! And it has a huge window. A BIG plus! But it was lacking style. Imagine a rectangular room with a single white wire shelf above the washer and dryer. The walls were a dark green. It looked dated and dirty. We started off by painting the walls Natural Choice and the trim Alabaster, both Sherwin Williams colors.

The inspiration for this space came from a single roll of wallpaper that I bought when we first moved. I was searching on the  Wallpaper Boulevard website when I came across a selection of wallpaper under the “Tropical” category. I immediately fell in love. It was a little bold, a little kitschy, but it made me happy! I thought covering the entire walls in this particular paper might be a bit much. So I hopped on eBay and found chair rail trim for an insanely cheap price! Did you know you could buy trim on eBay?? Honestly,  I didn’t either but I thought I would look there first.

To highlight the fun wallpaper but not overwhelm the room, I opted to install the chair rail and wallpaper only on the top quarter of the wall.

This is an old cabinet that I saved from the dumpster when we renovated our kitchen. We took down the white wire shelf and installed this cabinet in it’s place. I love repurposing things to save money! I was able to repurpose two cabinet pulls we had leftover from the kitchen as well.  I departed from my love of white cabinets and went a little bold. The blue plays so well with the new wallpaper!

The laundry room has a small closet that is very handy for storage. To keep with the theme, I painted the closet door the same color as the cabinet. When I’m designing spaces, I try to make each room flow. I typically won’t keep the same style room to room (I can’t commit to only one!), but I do like to coordinate other elements. This view peeking into the kitchen is a great example of that! You can see the green doors in the distance, the wallpaper above, and the dark blue door on the left all flow nicely together.

Getting rid of the old wire shelf put me in a pickle when it came to hanging laundry. I saw MANY of these awesome laundry drying racks online. Most of them were well over $200! I found this one on amazon for less then $38! It’s an exact dupe to the pricier ones and works perfectly in this small space.

All in all, I’m thrilled with how this space turned out. It fits my personality perfectly! Growing up in Florida, I have a heart for flamingos and all things tropical. I’m excited I had an opportunity to add a little touch of that in our new home.