New State, New House, New Projects! Part 1: Bathroom

It’s been awhile. I’m not the best at blogging. I find myself drawn to the quick, video type posts of Instagram. But with all the changes lately, I’m determined to sit down and capture them here!

First off, we moved! And not just to a new city. We moved across the country. We now live in Tennessee and I have to say, we love it here. It’s warm, green, and so pretty!

When we were house hunting we fell in love with a specific little town. Well I’m not sure you can classify it as a town. It’s 3 churches and a post office. That’s it! The homes around here are a beautiful mixture of old and new. Everyone is on acreage. We have just over 5 acres but some of our neighbors have 90 acres or more! The house we found wasn’t my ideal house on the outside. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty. But it’s not the style I generally gravitate to. The inside had a great layout and so much potential!

I planned a budget to facelift the entire interior of this home. I’m hoping to share each room as we get them finished with a breakdown of where the money went. The budget isn’t very large for the scale of the work we plan to do. Let’s get started with one update #1- The upstairs full bathroom!

Besides being dark and dated, this little bathroom was just plain dirty.

The color made this room feel so small!
This room was painted a dark blue and have very yellow lighting

I set at budget for this bathroom at $500. I knew it needed paint, both on the walls and vanity. Since we planned to paint the entire interior of the house, I made a separate budget line for ALL paint, which is why you won’t see that on the price list.

Here’s a breakdown of where it all went:

  • $273.30 Vanity Lights and other lighting
  • $127.43 Faucets and Curved Shower Rod
  • $74.00 Rugs and Hand Towels
  • $19 Trash Can
  • $11 Soap Pumps

All for a grand total of $504.73! So alright, I’m almost 5 bucks over budget but I’m pretty thrilled with the results!

My goal for this house was to incorporate a more coastal feel. I love the airy blues and greens you see with that style. I also happen to LOVE the beach, so it just makes me happy!

Here she is in all her glory! I started by painting the walls and trim Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. I also painted the vanity and mirrors Contented by Sherwin. I love the sweet little lampshades on the vanity lights.

My daughter picked out the faucets. She did a pretty good job!

Thankfully I already had the decor, so I didn’t have to spend anything to decorate.

The little shower closet feels so much bigger now with the bright paint and shower curtain!

All in all, I’m THRILLED with how this space came out. I had really hoped to tile behind the mirrors with a beautiful sea glass mosaic that I found. I still have plans to do that down the road, but for now this little facelift has done a great job!

All the Master Bedroom details…

One of my favorite things to do is share- especially when I’m sharing a good deal! Whenever I post our master bedroom on instagram , I get many request to share where items are from, particularly the bedding. So I thought it would be a fun idea to round up all the master bedroom details in one post!





Is there such a thing as too many pillows? I think not! They add a big bang for your buck. People are always suprised when they find out that my white pillows are from Amazon! The ruffled euro shams come in a two pack as do the small ruffled pillow covers. I like the change out the front bolster pillow depending on the season. This partiular XOXO pillow is from Kirklands. 





One of my very favroite Amazon finds is our drop skirt bedspread. Years ago I saw Joanna Gaines use a similar one in the house she was decorating on fixer upper. Ever since then, I’ve been on the hunt to find it! I bought ours in gray, but it comes in many other colors and the price is SO good! It’s a very lightweight spread, so you won’t get too hot in the summertime. 

The buffalo plaid duvet cover was a slurge for me. I wanted a duvet cover that would last years. When I found this one at Ballard Design, I knew the quality would be perfect. The price tag might not work well for all budgets so I found a similar one with rave reviews on Amazon. It’s about half the price as the Ballard Design duvet, so you can get the same look for less! 



The last thing I wanted to share in this post is the wall decor hanging behind our bed. I found all of these pieces from Hobby Lobby. The secret to Hobby Lobby is patience. If an item you want isn’t on sale, wait a week. More than likely it will be on sale when you go back!

I love good quality decor and I really try to source out the best price possible. It’s amazing what I can find on Amazon. I’m hoping to share more inexpensive decor ideas in the future. That’s where my passion lies. I don’t believe a beautfiul home needs to break the bank, and I hope to show you some of my secrets! 




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New year, new bathroom..on the cheap!

Something about the new year got me itching to change things up a bit. I have a lot of plans but decided to start small and inexpensive with a bathroom facelift. This room is not only our kids/guest bathroom, it’s also our laundry room. When you first walk in, the laundry area is to the left and the vanity to the right.

This was the lovely laundry area. Within a week of moving in, we faux shiplapped the walls and built floating shelves. Making this space functional was priority #1 for me!

Also when we first moved in (Oct ’16) my Mom chalk painted the old, black vanity duck egg blue by Annie Sloan. Other than that, we didn’t touch this bathroom prior to the little refresher we finished last week!

We installed a new light fixture which replaced the dated frosted glass one. Our property had a very old lean-to behind the barn that fell over last spring. We saved all the old, weathered wood knowing we will use it one day for a project! We screwed the frame together then attached it to the mirror using construction adhesive. I just love the worn look of this wood.

It’s amazing what paint can do! The old paint color of the bathroom made the space look dirty and dated. I had some leftover Sherwin-Williams colonnade gray that I used that to repaint EVERYTHING. This little toilet closet looks MUCH better with a different light fixture and color scheme!

Ahhh last but not least is my FAVORITE DIY in this room. It’s hard to explain, but our bathroom/laundry room as one long, narrow space. And at the very end of the room is a door that leads to the outside. This nook is right next to that outside door. When we first moved in we thought they recessed this area to put a bench and use it for a miniature mud room. It’s only about 3.5′ wide by 2′ deep, so the space isn’t too functional. We ended up turning it into a laundry folding station! For the past year I’ve been folding clothes on top of our washer and dryer and using the towel hook to hang clothes on. 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s worked, but it hasn’t been the easiest! I’m excited to have a dedicated area to fold laundry. 😍 My hubby made the countertop and shelf out of old wood we found laying on our property. They were super easy to assemble. He made brackets out of the wood which he screwed into the studs. Then he laid two “counter top” length boards on top of the brackets and screwed them down. For the shelf above, he made the bracket a little larger knowing I wanted a rod to hang there. We bought a wood closet rod and attached it to each bracket before attached the shelf board to the top.

My goal was to have it be a very rustic looking, so he didn’t get fancy with the assembly. It’s easy to build and functional! I realllly wanted to faux shiplap the back wall. There just wasn’t enough time over the weekend to get it done so I went to target and bought this peel and stick shiplap wallpaper. It was super easy to install and best of all…I could do it myself while hubby was at work! It adds some cool texture and completed the space perfectly!

The entire bathroom/laundry room refresh cost us right around $160 (thanks to a lot of free wood we had laying around! 🙌🏻) It was a great way to kick off the new year and update our space. 🤗


Can you guys believe we have less than two weeks until Christmas? This time of year is always full of beautiful things and in honor of that, I’ve teamed up with some amazing fellow bloggers. We’re inviting you into our homes to share our Christmas décor and hopefully give you some inspiration! At the end of this post, I’ve linked to everyone’s posts so you can “hop” on over and check out their homes. We hope you have fun!

Welcome to our home!


When you live in windy Colorado, its hard to have a lot of outdoor Christmas décor. I have a lighted tree in a heavy stand on our front porch, which been blown over more than it has been upright! I also attempted to decorate a little evergreen tree with some dollar store ornaments. I’m pretty sure those ornaments are gracing the fields around us, because none are left on the tree! Ah, such is life in a windy state. This fresh wreath on our front door works nicely and stays put!

One of my favorite Christmas items is this nativity set my husband’s Mom made for him. It’s a beautiful and sentimental piece! Our entryway hutch is the perfect place for it. DSC_0284.jpg

Speaking of entryways, our entryway got a little extra special Christmas cheer this year! A few weekends ago we headed up to Winter Park, Colorado to cut down our Christmas tree. There are several designated spots in the national forest where you can cut down your own tree. It’s a lot of hiking around the mountains in deep snow, to find the perfect one. Let me tell ya, Christmas trees in the “wild” do not grow as nicely as those you buy off a lot! 🤣 The tag to cut down a tree only cost $10, so this year we bought two tags!


Up next is our dining room. My Mom gave me three little trees a few months back. I used them and another larger tree to create a forest in the corner of our dining room. All my favorite little white houses found their way under the trees, making a cute little village.


I divided up our ornaments so I could have different colored rooms this year. The dining room and entry way colors are white, gold and silver. A little sparkle mixed in as well!


This centerpiece is so easy and cheap! Most of these items are from the Target dollar spot. I wanted to keep it simple but pretty!


 For the mantle I used the one small (and a little pathetic🙈) piece of garland I already had. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up this beautiful magnolia leaf garland. I figure I can use it again in spring time! I love the fresh look those white flowers give.


 I have a ton of Christmas knickknacks, some of which I set out in the family room. But for this room, clean and bright were my goals!


My dining room hutch got a touch of Christmas. I’ve been collecting Rae Dunn for a little over a year now. I love all the Christmas pieces I’ve been able to find!

IMG_2004DSC_0209 (1)DSC_0207

Since our kitchen connects to the dining room and entry way, I kept that space very minimal. I made a wreath to hang over the stove. It’s a nice festive touch you can see from the other spaces in the house.


Are you ready for a serious change in décor? Our living room is the complete opposite vibe of what you have seen so far! I thought I would use traditional Christmas colors of red and green in here. On a whim I decided to do a little crafting and ended up with a room that is very red and black. Either way, I love it!


This buffalo checked wreath thingy (a great name, I know!😳) is the craft I was talking about. I wanted to make something big for the mantle, but didn’t want a typical wreath. I ended up wrapping a canvas in plaid fabric, then arranged greenery on top of it. This piece was the spring board for the rest of the room.


The Target dollar spot has been my friend this year! I found this cute buffalo check flag garland there and the matching wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby. Phew, I’m not normally a theme type of girl, but I really ran with this one!


This room has a lot of my Christmas knickknacks. Also, all our handmade or sentimental ornaments are on this tree. My kid’s have a lot of fun Christmas items they enjoy seeing each year, including our Santa advent calendar. This room is decorated for them. It’s everything they love about Christmas and holds a lot of memories!

The last stop on this tour is my daughters room. She made a lot of her decorations and set up the entire room herself. One day this little girl will give me a run for my money when it comes to decorating!


She received these ornaments at her Girl Scout meeting this past Friday. Last year one of her classmate and friend, Megan, passed away. Her Girl Scout troop is honoring Megan’s memory and collecting toys to bring to the local Children’s Hospital. Megan’s Mom made these ornaments for the girl’s in the troop. The purple and pink ornaments are pieces of Megan’s clothes. They have such special meaning to her and she was excited to put them on her very own tree! ❤ 



I just love that wreath and little metal tree she made!

Christmas is such a special time of year. Not just for over the top décor or delicious food, but to reflect on the real reason for the season. My goal is to live life with hands wide open, giving of my time and resources. I hope to reflect that to my children among all the holiday fun and festivities! Merry Christmas, friends!

I hope you enjoyed this stop of our Holiday Home Tour! Happy Hopping! 




🌊Garage Reveal Part 2! 🌊

Wow! So this post has been about two months in the making. My hubby took a much needed/wanted break from all things home related for a little bit. This past weekend we got into our daughters room to finish her closet barn door.

While we were making this door, we were talking about how much we enjoyed the wood working process. It’s funny how we put off something enjoyable just because it’s labeled a project or work! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️

Here’s a little reminder picture of our lovely garage beforehand.


Now for the “afters”…

From toddler years, our 10 year old daughter was never your typical girly girl. Sadly (for me), she never loved Disney princesses no matter how hard I tried to force it! 😂 The color pink has always been her least favorite. So when she told me she wanted a navy and teal bedroom that’s beach themed, I thought it would fit her perfectly! I did however wonder how I would make it fit within our little farmhouse, decor wise. The compromise of styles came when I found her this gorgeous antique bed. It was more me than her but she loved the nautical feel it had. And hello…it’s gorgeous! 😍 They knew how to make furniture back then.

The rest of the room were pieces we already owned, some of which I chalk painted to match the bed. She received a bunch of nautical decor for her birthday. And since this project took us 10 months to complete, we had plenty of time to search out the right bedding and curtains that pleased us both.

I loved working with her on this. She’s quite a little artist and has a great eye for colors. I wasn’t sure about her style in the beginning but now it’s one of my favorite rooms!

Disclaimer: Please excuse the pinned up skeleton. Today is Halloween. That is not her normal “style”. 😂

Happy Fall🍁

I f.i.n.a.l.l.y decorated a little for fall! I don’t know why but I’ve been dragging my feet to put up any sort of holiday decorations. I’ve been tackling a lot of big decor projects lately and I think I’m just getting wore out! Also, we just got the house clutter free after our 10 months long reno mess so the idea of having a lot of “extras” around the house isn’t appealing. 

Today when I was driving home from work it occurred to me that we have two big porches that could use some fall decor! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Annnd they could use a good scrubbing away of summertime dirt and debris. So I stopped off at the store on the way home to grab some $3.99 pumpkins 🙌🏻 and a few bags of gourds.  

Most fall decor I’ve been spying this year are cool tones of white and blue. I think it’s really pretty (and fits my style since our house has touches of blue everywhere!) but I decided to stick with traditional colors. Plus, good ole target didn’t have any of those real blue pumpkins. 😉 They did however have a plethora of orange and even some white! 

My Rae Dunn pots turned into some pretty darn good pumpkin holders! Also these geraniums have survived a snow storm and about a month without watering…woops! 

Simple, festive and inexpensive. Now I just need to tackle the front porch! 🍁

Wallpaper on a dresser!

I completed a project today that I have been putting off for years! I have a tendancy to only tackle projects I know I can finish in a day. There is nothing that gets me riled up more then an unfinished project and/or mess from a project that sits around for awhile.🤷🏼‍♀️ (My poor husband can vouch for this bad trait!😂)  Hence the reason this project has taken me so long to start. I was sure it would be a bear to complete. 

We bought our daughter this antique dresser off Craigslist for $80, about 3 years ago. She used it for awhile but I quickly noticed the paint job the lady did when refinishing it wasn’t too great. The top began to peel as well as the drawers. Also, my daughter was 7/8 at the time. She spilled quite a few art projects on the top that left stains and piles of who knows what? …Some type of rock hard goo! 

This old dresser was moved to the basement with plans on refinishing it one day. I went online and bought paintable wall paper. I figured I would paper the drawer fronts, and possibly the top. Then I would chalk paint the whole thing! Well two years and one move later, I tackled the ugly dresser and guess what? The project took less than a day! 

Here is a before of the dresser in all its glory. Ain’t she a beaut? She’s been well loved, that’s for sure! 

It was so long ago when I bought the wallpaper, I can’t remember what possessed me to think this would work. After a little trial and error I got the paper to stick. I had to make an 8am Home Depot run for wall paper paste (I’m fairly certain pre pasted wall paper is a lie, no matter what the label says!😂) 

Once I got the darn stuff to stick, it was easy! I spread wall paper paste on the drawer front, then I would lay the paper down. I had to work it a bit to try and remove all the air bubbles. I knew the top would have some bubbles, considering the rock hard goo that was present. But I’m okay with imperfect! I actually prefer it…perfection generally takes a lot of time! 😂

And here she is now! All papered and chalk painted up. The paper/knobs/paint combo turned out a bit fancier than I was envisioning but I still love her! I also love that this project was essentially free! I had the dresser. The chalk paint I bought weeks ago to paint some tables. I tried a new brand from Lowes ( and after thinning it with water, it works great! Of course, I’ve had the wallpaper for years🙈.

 I love this church picture I found at Kirklands. It reminds me so much of the church I was raised in. I knew I had to buy it the second I saw it! 

The embroidery hoops were a fun DIY I just completed after seeing the ones on Erin from Cottonstem’s Instagram ( They are so cheap to make and add a pretty, natural element. 

I hope you all enjoy the post and get inspired to finish those pesky projects around your house! 🙌🏻 

Did you know babbfarmlife is on instagram? Hop on over and say hi! 

A Dining Room Story…

Ahh I’m so excited to share with you guys again! I’ve got our new dining room 99% settled, but I’m still in need of a bench. I bought our dining table from World Market so I went searching there today and found one that would match perfectly! I’ll be pinching my pennies for a little bit to save up for it. 

This new dining room idea was a leap for me. I planned on keeping this as a living room, which is what it’s intended for, once the garage reno was complete. But then one day it hit me…why not scrap the living room idea and make this space into a huge comfy dining room! We already have a new family room in the “garage” portion of the house, there’s really no need for two! Plus our table can extend out to seat a small army and I would love to have it rockin’ that way all the time. 

So needless to say, my mind was turning over with questions for way longer than necessary. Would the house still flow okay? Would people walk in and see a living room with a dining table in it? Would they think I’m a little crazy (probably a yes anyway!)? I decided to throw caution to the wind and try it out and I’m super excited with the results! 
This is our living room prior to the renovations.


See how snug that dining table is? Every night the kids would eat dinner at the barstools while hubby and I sat side by side at the table. The two chairs by the window never got used because they were so hard to squeeze into. 

When you walked into our house from the backdoor you were greeted with a view of furniture. Large amounts of furniture. It felt very small and closed off. 

The view of our dining room is much more open and airy now! 

 I don’t know what it is about morning time, but I do not want to sit on a hard chair as I drink my coffee. So we added a cute little loveseat for some comfy relaxation on those early mornings! 

We opted to rip out the carpets and install the same flooring we used in the garage renovation. This flooring is amazing guys! Seriously. And it’s about $1.75 a square foot. You literally cannot beat that deal.

As for the other items in this room. The little loveseat is from The table and chairs I actually bought about a year apart from two different stores (target and world market). I got super lucky they match so nicely! 

The rest of the decor pieces I’ve picked up here and there over the years. I collected the plates from antique stores. The hutch is from my sweet Momma who chalk painted it for me. I bought the buffet from a friend’s Mom, and her sweet Dad refinished it! I love having pieces of furniture that tell a story. 

My decor style is pretty simple and clean. And as a rule, I never buy decor unless I know exactly where I’m going to put it. I’ve passed up many pieces over the years because of it, but honestly I don’t enjoy bringing lots of stuff home and trying to find places for it. I’m not an interior designer but instead I call myself a decorator. I love to decorate and dream up rooms in my head. I love it even more when those dreams come to life! 

Limewashing Our Exterior for $20! 

I’m trying hard to stick to one blog post a week. Pretty soon I’ll be scratching my head for material but for now, I have a lot in reserves! We moved into our farmhouse about 11 months ago. I can’t believe the transformation that has occurred in those short months! I mentioned in my last post that this house was a flip. The interior was jazzed up pretty nicely. The exterior on the other hand was a different story! I don’t think it was touched in over 40 years. In some areas, the brick had taken on an orangish hue. The mortar was a lovely shade of dirty tan. 

It was not a pretty sight! 

I had big plans for this little house. Besides the house itself having no curb appeal, there were no plants around the exterior. There was however a large amount of bindweed, old carpet, debris etc.  It took quite awhile to clean it up well enough to plant some flower beds. 

When we bought the house, the siding was all white. Once we took down the garage doors and enclosed that wall, I painted all the siding a greenish-gray color. It looked so lovely with the red brick! 🙄

I researched lime washing and decided that’s the route I would go for the brick. From what I read, limewashed brick should be virtually maintenance free for 50 years, whereas exterior brick that was painted could possibly peel depending on conditions. Also, it is a CHEAP and easy process. With the garage reno taking up so much of my husband’s time, I needed to be able to do it completely on my own.

On a whim one day in June, I started the limewashing. A friend of mine from church limewashed her brick. Knowing someone in real life who successful did it gave me the confidence I needed to begin! 

I went to Home Depot and picked up a $12 bag of “hydrated S lime”, a bucket and a stiff bristled paint brush. I used an old plastic cup to measure my lime into the bucket. (When working with the lime I highly suggest wearing glasses, paper respirator, and gloves) I was never very precise with my measurements. I would scoop enough lime for the area I wanted to work on that day. Then I would add water until it was the consistency of skim milk. 

After your lime is mixed, it’s time to paint! I used the jet setting on my garden hose nozzle to quickly clean the brick of dirt and debris, also limewash goes on much nicer when the brick is wet. I would work in small sections at a time, cleaning and wetting the brick then limewashing. 

Imagine my husband’s face when he came home from work one day to see his house white! 😂 He knows by now, when I get a whim to do something RIGHT NOW, it’s hard to stop me! 

Speaking of his opinions, he didn’t love the fact that the limewash was drying opaque white. My vision was definitely a more distressed brick look than a painted brick, but I wasn’t sure how to achieve that. He had the great idea to hook a wire wheel up to his drill to scrape some of the limewash off the brick. It worked like a charm! 

My new process was to clean/wet the brick, limewash, then randomly distress bricks with the drill. It was tedious but I made sure to do small sections at a time so I didn’t wear myself out. It took about a month to finish the entire house working a few days a week. I have to admit, I was pretty proud with what I accomplished. Besides the intital help figuring out how to distress the brick, my hubby didn’t lift a finger with this project! 

Here are some after pictures of our finished house! My sweet father in law built and installed the shutters for us. We also installed some new farmhouse style lights that I scored at Sams Club for $20 each! 

If you add the cost of the bucket, paintbrush and bag of lime, this project comes in right around $20…and I still have half a bag of lime leftover! Besides being so affordable and easy, the results were better than I imagined. 

Garage Reveal Part 1 

Ahh I don’t even know where to begin! I’ve been dreaming up this blog post in my mind for close to 10 months now. When we bought our farmhouse last October, it was a flip. The entire house had been redone. New kitchen, bathrooms, carpet you name it. We soon discovered it wasn’t a complete flip. It was pretty to look at but major things like the windows, boiler, exterior etc were all original. We knew when we first saw this house, we would need to either finish the basement or turn the garage into living space. We were downsizing considerably moving here…about 800 finished sq feet! We were okay with that knowing we gained much desired acreage.

 Fast forward to January of this year. We finally decided to start the enormous undertaking of a garage renovation. This is our lovely garage when we moved in.

Amist the cobwebs and distictively unpleasant smell, I saw 500 sq feet of potential! Our house is 3 bedroom and I wanted a 4th bedroom since we have company frequently. I also wanted a space to watch TV and a place for our office. We began designing the layout. Over the early days of the reno, our layout change a bit but in the end we were able to fit all our wishes into this rectangular box! 

My ingenious husband decided to build the floor of the garage higher to match the rest of the house. The garage floor was a couple steps lower then the entry way. At the time I didn’t think this amount of lumber and work was worth it, but I’m so happy he insisted on it! Our #1 goal was to make this area look like had always been, and have it flow seamlessly with the rest of the house. I should add my sweet hubby is NOT a house builder. He actually owns an auto repair shop so he’s used to fixing things, just on a smaller scale.😉  Most of this reno consisted of him researching and learning along the way. After 10 months of hard work, I think he could tackle pretty much anything house related! 

This is the new entry way into what used to be our garage! His floor building abilities are top notch! 

On my last blog post you can get the details of our DIY fireplace. I love our new family room! The color scheme turned out a bit warmer than I had imagined but the homey feel of the natural wood and jute rug make me happy. 

Originally we planned to have the office take up one corner of the living room. Then I realized my computer desk fit the area I planned for our pantry! Once you enter that little area there is a bump out to the left that’s quite large. We are going to build shelves for that space so we will be able to use this little closet for storage as well as an office! 

These barn doors are killing me! I’m so in love. We used a popular $40 barn door tutorial on YouTube to make them. Fair warning: they do NOT cost $40 to make. We bought inexpensive wood and the total cost around $260 for both doors. Granted, that’s cheaper then buying barn doors and we were able to customize the height to fit our space. 
If you noticed, I left out the bedroom part of this reno. We still have a few small touches to add in there so I will save it for another post. It would be too lengthily to write about the specifics of the renovation on this post but I would be happy to answer any of your questions! Also a HUGE shout out to my wonderful husband. I dream up these crazy ideas and he makes them happen! I can’t believe how talented he is.