Limewashing Our Exterior for $20! 

I’m trying hard to stick to one blog post a week. Pretty soon I’ll be scratching my head for material but for now, I have a lot in reserves! We moved into our farmhouse about 11 months ago. I can’t believe the transformation that has occurred in those short months! I mentioned in my last post that this house was a flip. The interior was jazzed up pretty nicely. The exterior on the other hand was a different story! I don’t think it was touched in over 40 years. In some areas, the brick had taken on an orangish hue. The mortar was a lovely shade of dirty tan. 

It was not a pretty sight! 

I had big plans for this little house. Besides the house itself having no curb appeal, there were no plants around the exterior. There was however a large amount of bindweed, old carpet, debris etc.  It took quite awhile to clean it up well enough to plant some flower beds. 

When we bought the house, the siding was all white. Once we took down the garage doors and enclosed that wall, I painted all the siding a greenish-gray color. It looked so lovely with the red brick! 🙄

I researched lime washing and decided that’s the route I would go for the brick. From what I read, limewashed brick should be virtually maintenance free for 50 years, whereas exterior brick that was painted could possibly peel depending on conditions. Also, it is a CHEAP and easy process. With the garage reno taking up so much of my husband’s time, I needed to be able to do it completely on my own.

On a whim one day in June, I started the limewashing. A friend of mine from church limewashed her brick. Knowing someone in real life who successful did it gave me the confidence I needed to begin! 

I went to Home Depot and picked up a $12 bag of “hydrated S lime”, a bucket and a stiff bristled paint brush. I used an old plastic cup to measure my lime into the bucket. (When working with the lime I highly suggest wearing glasses, paper respirator, and gloves) I was never very precise with my measurements. I would scoop enough lime for the area I wanted to work on that day. Then I would add water until it was the consistency of skim milk. 

After your lime is mixed, it’s time to paint! I used the jet setting on my garden hose nozzle to quickly clean the brick of dirt and debris, also limewash goes on much nicer when the brick is wet. I would work in small sections at a time, cleaning and wetting the brick then limewashing. 

Imagine my husband’s face when he came home from work one day to see his house white! 😂 He knows by now, when I get a whim to do something RIGHT NOW, it’s hard to stop me! 

Speaking of his opinions, he didn’t love the fact that the limewash was drying opaque white. My vision was definitely a more distressed brick look than a painted brick, but I wasn’t sure how to achieve that. He had the great idea to hook a wire wheel up to his drill to scrape some of the limewash off the brick. It worked like a charm! 

My new process was to clean/wet the brick, limewash, then randomly distress bricks with the drill. It was tedious but I made sure to do small sections at a time so I didn’t wear myself out. It took about a month to finish the entire house working a few days a week. I have to admit, I was pretty proud with what I accomplished. Besides the intital help figuring out how to distress the brick, my hubby didn’t lift a finger with this project! 

Here are some after pictures of our finished house! My sweet father in law built and installed the shutters for us. We also installed some new farmhouse style lights that I scored at Sams Club for $20 each! 

If you add the cost of the bucket, paintbrush and bag of lime, this project comes in right around $20…and I still have half a bag of lime leftover! Besides being so affordable and easy, the results were better than I imagined. 

Garage Reveal Part 1 

Ahh I don’t even know where to begin! I’ve been dreaming up this blog post in my mind for close to 10 months now. When we bought our farmhouse last October, it was a flip. The entire house had been redone. New kitchen, bathrooms, carpet you name it. We soon discovered it wasn’t a complete flip. It was pretty to look at but major things like the windows, boiler, exterior etc were all original. We knew when we first saw this house, we would need to either finish the basement or turn the garage into living space. We were downsizing considerably moving here…about 800 finished sq feet! We were okay with that knowing we gained much desired acreage.

 Fast forward to January of this year. We finally decided to start the enormous undertaking of a garage renovation. This is our lovely garage when we moved in.

Amist the cobwebs and distictively unpleasant smell, I saw 500 sq feet of potential! Our house is 3 bedroom and I wanted a 4th bedroom since we have company frequently. I also wanted a space to watch TV and a place for our office. We began designing the layout. Over the early days of the reno, our layout change a bit but in the end we were able to fit all our wishes into this rectangular box! 

My ingenious husband decided to build the floor of the garage higher to match the rest of the house. The garage floor was a couple steps lower then the entry way. At the time I didn’t think this amount of lumber and work was worth it, but I’m so happy he insisted on it! Our #1 goal was to make this area look like had always been, and have it flow seamlessly with the rest of the house. I should add my sweet hubby is NOT a house builder. He actually owns an auto repair shop so he’s used to fixing things, just on a smaller scale.😉  Most of this reno consisted of him researching and learning along the way. After 10 months of hard work, I think he could tackle pretty much anything house related! 

This is the new entry way into what used to be our garage! His floor building abilities are top notch! 

On my last blog post you can get the details of our DIY fireplace. I love our new family room! The color scheme turned out a bit warmer than I had imagined but the homey feel of the natural wood and jute rug make me happy. 

Originally we planned to have the office take up one corner of the living room. Then I realized my computer desk fit the area I planned for our pantry! Once you enter that little area there is a bump out to the left that’s quite large. We are going to build shelves for that space so we will be able to use this little closet for storage as well as an office! 

These barn doors are killing me! I’m so in love. We used a popular $40 barn door tutorial on YouTube to make them. Fair warning: they do NOT cost $40 to make. We bought inexpensive wood and the total cost around $260 for both doors. Granted, that’s cheaper then buying barn doors and we were able to customize the height to fit our space. 
If you noticed, I left out the bedroom part of this reno. We still have a few small touches to add in there so I will save it for another post. It would be too lengthily to write about the specifics of the renovation on this post but I would be happy to answer any of your questions! Also a HUGE shout out to my wonderful husband. I dream up these crazy ideas and he makes them happen! I can’t believe how talented he is.

All the details on our $100 DIY Fireplace!

I told you all I would show you what I did with this old electric fireplace I scored for $60. 

First thing, those fake logs and chain screen had to go! Thankfully those were super easy to remove. After that, I used some leftover white paint I found in the basement to give the wood and brick new life. I also spray painted the metal insert inside the fireplace. 

Those little tweaks were enough to make me happy, but the hubby wasn’t so convinced. 😂 He thought the fireplace might look a little cheesy just stuck against the wall. So he had a great idea to build a wooden box for the fireplace to sit on. It would add some much needed height and visual interest. Off to Home Depot we went where we found this awesome brick board. I thought the texture would play perfectly off the brick of the fireplace. Our hope was to make this piece look as authentic as possible. 

Every fireplace needs a chimney. And every good farmhouse needs some shiplap! Our last step for this piece was to build a faux chimney full of shiplappy goodness. It really perfected this entire project. 
It’s hard to capture how big of a visual impact this piece has. I’m so thrilled with the way it has transformed our living room. Since the beginning of this huge DIY project, my hope was that the garage would not only turn into a normal living room, but that we would be able to give this house even more character by the architectural and decor choices we make. My hubby dubs this fireplace a “fancy piece of furniture” but for me, pieces like this make our house a home!  


After many mental attempts at blogging, I’m finally doing it! I’m not the most tech savvy person. After moving 10 months ago, we still haven’t set up our computer at the house! Regardless of that, I decided to bite the bullet and try to start a blog using my phone. Forgive the errors, as there will be many I’m sure! Over time I will learn and this blog will only get better and better. For now, I hope you enjoy a little extra insight into our home renovations and decor!