All the details on our $100 DIY Fireplace!

I told you all I would show you what I did with this old electric fireplace I scored for $60. 

First thing, those fake logs and chain screen had to go! Thankfully those were super easy to remove. After that, I used some leftover white paint I found in the basement to give the wood and brick new life. I also spray painted the metal insert inside the fireplace. 

Those little tweaks were enough to make me happy, but the hubby wasn’t so convinced. He thought the fireplace might look a little cheesy just stuck against the wall. So he had a great idea to build a wooden box for the fireplace to sit on. It would add some much needed height and visual interest. Off to Home Depot we went where we found this awesome brick board. I thought the texture would play perfectly off the brick of the fireplace. Our hope was to make this piece look as authentic as possible. 

Every fireplace needs a chimney. And every good farmhouse needs some shiplap! Our last step for this piece was to build a faux chimney full of shiplappy goodness. It really perfected this entire project. 
It’s hard to capture how big of a visual impact this piece has. I’m so thrilled with the way it has transformed our living room. Since the beginning of this huge DIY project, my hope was that the garage would not only turn into a normal living room, but that we would be able to give this house even more character by the architectural and decor choices we make. My hubby dubs this fireplace a “fancy piece of furniture” but for me, pieces like this make our house a home!  


After many mental attempts at blogging, I’m finally doing it! I’m not the most tech savvy person. After moving 10 months ago, we still haven’t set up our computer at the house! Regardless of that, I decided to bite the bullet and try to start a blog using my phone. Forgive the errors, as there will be many I’m sure! Over time I will learn and this blog will only get better and better. For now, I hope you enjoy a little extra insight into our home renovations and decor!